Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The phoenix turns into a Toxic Avenger

Big news...I'm about to re-join the ranks of the Toxic Avengers.

Becoming an Avenger again is something I didn't actually think I would do, but decided that circumstances necessitate it.

I can't be totally sure, but I think the Toxic Avengers have a good claim for the longest continuous franchise in Manly-Warringah Basketball Association history. From the originators in 1988-1989 (or possibly a year or two earlier) as the Toxic Avengers, the team nucleus underwent a name change in memoriam to Dorks'R'Us in the mid 1990's. The rotation of players gained and lost rebuilt the core, now under the "ownership" of a worthy guy (not James Worthy, although that would be great). The current team of the Toxic Avengers is not all cut from the same cloth as the originals (i.e. from the same school, the original criteria for joining), but the spirit is consistent and present.

Lucky they didn't take my player profile down when I left, isn't it?

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