Saturday, March 10, 2007

Politics play time

Election time where I live, and soon to be a federal election as well.

Naturally, all the little boys and girls have come out to play, and tout themselves as the champion of the people, etc, etc.

I've decided that I can play political advertising as well as these clowns. Here are my campaign slogans, ready for printing super-sized on placards for my supporters to wave about.

GWH: Not in my f**kin' back yard, you dont!

GWH: Let's put it in someone elses back yard

GWH: For the people, by the people (of my electorate only, all you other electorates can bugger off)

GWH: The other guy must be a w*nker

GWH: Better than the other guy for reasons you couldn't possibly fathom, you simple voter

I look forward to ignoring every "promise" I make in the lead up to the election, and can point to the fact that at least I'm not the other guy you could've been stuck with.

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