Sunday, March 25, 2007

Political Correctness goes mad, then this?

In a Sydney Morning Herald article of this morning, a former highway patrol officer has been awarded court costs after being brought to stand over a case of abuse.


Claiming that police escalated the offence once they saw his licence, owing to a previous run-in with police over his past, the man offered the following remark: "Bye piggies, oink, oink".

A sure fire way to bring a simple breath test to a higher level is offer a comment such as this. Yet the remark was found 'not offensive' under the law. So its OK to misuse a term such as this to a police officer? If he'd said it to someone in the street or to a woman in the company of any sane man, he would've wound up face down in a gutter with his teeth missing.

Now and then an officer who leaves the highway patrol prove themselves to be of non-standard operating procedure when it comes to being human beings. I'm afraid this guy constitutes one of them.

I wonder what he'd have done if someone oinked out the window at him while he was writing them a speeding ticket.

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