Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Listening to a segment on morning radio titled 'how do you deal with Mormons' driving to work today, I was reminded of a visit from the Mormons that I had over 5 years ago, at a previous residence.  The results from the callers to the station ranged from suitably polite, through mildly impolite, to spectacularly bad-taste.

The Mormons that came to my door offered me a copy of their Book of Mormon, which I took.  They did return a week or so later asking "Are you going to join us?"

"No fellas, I haven't read all of your book yet..."  They seemed a little dismayed.  Which I thought they'd have been used to after fifteen months of their mission.  I wonder what their success rate is?  Long story short, we moved a few weeks later and I never saw them again.  I've still got their Book of Mormon, though.  Still mostly unread.

The Mormons haven't come to the new place in 5 years, but the Seventh Day Adventists have been a couple of times.  One pair landed on Easter Sunday, so I wished them a happy Easter, partly realising they don't necessarily partake of Easter as Catholics do.  The other family called by a couple of times, until they were told Catholicism Lives Here, and will do so for a long time to come.

To an extent, its the Catholic Missionary taken to grass roots in a community with an already-established religious bent.  Can Mormon missions be compared to Catholic missionaries of the 1800's, preaching and converting Africa, Amazonian tribes, etc?

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