Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Bathurst time is coming...

Its nearly time for the annual Bathurst homage that is the 1000km race around Mount Panorama in Bathurst.

And this is the kind of thing that you watch it for!

Craig Lowndes gets clobbered by a flying tyre.

Peter Brock 1991 Qualifying Lap.

It will be the first year in a long time that Peter Brock wont be there at all, which is sure to make it a little special. I hope we see a bolter come out on top this year.

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Much respect to Bev and Terri

After seeing the funeral of Peter Brock yesterday, and the memorial service at Australia Zoo for Steve Irwin today, I have a great respect for the personalities of these two women.

That they would let themselves be so immersed in the public eye at a time in their lives that is not easy to deal with in the privacy of a family is an enormous red tick against their "for" columns.

Whilst Terri Irwin has not spoken publicly, or rarely been seen, this has not diminished her in any way, for the willingness to let her husband be celebrated by the Australian public at his "Crocoseum" is to be applauded. The offer of a State Funeral for Steve was made, and declined, his family instead opting for a private funeral and a public memorial service. In this way, Steve was given the honour afforded to him by family and friends as befits his life, and the public had a chance to show their support and love for the man as a public figure.

The acceptance of Peter Brock's family of a State Funeral for the man perhaps went against his life principles a little as people have pondered, but it shows the family acceptance of Peter as a public figure, loved by a great many Australians. Be you in the Red or Blue camps come race day, people looked on Peter as a hero of his time.

I would also include Julie, Peter Brock's current partner, for her showing at this time. I do not know of the history of Bev and Julie, but it is testament to the two women that they can both show commonality at this time.

Let us return to The Mountain and pray for The King come October 8.

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Sunday, September 10, 2006

The King is Dead

It has truly been a terrible week for Australians.

Following Steve Irwin's untimely death on monday, came the news on friday 8 September that Peter Brock had been killed in an accident in WA.

A man who was one of the shining lights of motorsport, who with Dick Johnson, took the touring car scene in Australia from part-time and amateur status to the beginnings of the professional series it is today, was gone in a tarmac rally crash which destroyed his vehicle and left his navigator in hospital with severe injuries. Luckily the co-driver, Mick Hone, is expected to recover.

You want any more proof of how much Peter Brock contributed to his own legend, look no further than the 1979 Bathurst 500 race. Leading by 6 laps for the win, then sets a lap record on the final lap in a Torana. Look no further. Whilst I dont remember seeing that one, I certainly watched a few Bathursts with the likes of Brock, Johnson, Richards, Grice, Moffat, & Perkins.

9 times Sandown winner. 9 time Bathurst winner. The King of The Mountain.

Thanks for the inspiration Peter.

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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The new colour name game!

Whilst perusing a catalogue that arrived in the mail the other day, I was struck by a particularly fanciful game that most purveyors of clothing, paint, fabrics, cars, etc, etc are playing at the moment.

Its the new colour name game!

For example:
Pumpkin Patch have childrens clothes in colours such as palm, popcorn, mud, monkey,polar, horizon, orange rock, and cucumber. Granted, you can guess what these may be closely related to. But what happened to green, white, brown, light brown, red, orange and light green? Is your choice of colour somehow adding to the credibility of an overpriced item?

And Holden, with their new Commodore range in Heron white, Redhot, Ignition, Phantom, Nickel and Impulse. All so someone can say "I dont own a blue car...its Impulse! Get it right pleb!" The fanciful colour name game strikes again! Its not "orange with a bit of gold mixed in to make it shine a little", it's Ignition.

I still think the best counter is from Ford. Colours the likes of Bionic, Breeze, Dejavu, Ego, Fantasy, Chromaflair, Lightning Strike, Menace, Neo, Octane, Seduce, Shockwave, Silhouette, Toxic, Vixen and Winter White. "Just look for me mate, I'll be the one driving up your street in the Shockwave Falcon". Blank pause on other end of phone. "The blue one?"

Yes mate, the blue one.

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Monday, September 04, 2006

Death of an Australian

It is not often that the death of a famous identity leads me to write anything. Or even to make more than a passing remark.

However, the death of Steve Irwin, aka The Crocodile Hunter, has done just that.

The news that he had been killed this morning, our time, was a bit of sad news.

It is difficult to imagine what his wife and kids are thinking, particularly because of the man Steve Irwin was outside the family. If he had such a presence, such an aura of energy, such a willingness to show wildlife and its fragility outside the family environment, we can only imagine what a forceful family man he was. It wasnt until the Enough Rope interview with Andrew Denton that I, for one, understood his passion and verve for what he did.

Many thanks, Steve, you did educate a lot of people. The Americans have shown a great fondness for him, and the news has broken to the US nightly news reports as lead item, which goes to show you what a guy he was.

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Friday, September 01, 2006

Fathers Day vs. Mothers Day

Fathers Day in Australia is upon us again this Sunday. It seems odd that the Father Day editions of sales and catalogues all arrive in the mail in the week of the event, starting on the monday.

Yet for Mothers Day (note how I capitalise these days, for they are important!), the catalogues seem to arrive two to three weeks in advance. Maybe this is to do with my vague recollection of the dates, but I'm sure I've seen Mothers Day catalogues in late February. Mothers Day is in May.

Please dont interpret this the wrong way ladies. You deserve Mothers Day. But I get the feeling that stores are somehow holding mothers love to ransom for a couple more weeks of sales.

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