Sunday, September 10, 2006

The King is Dead

It has truly been a terrible week for Australians.

Following Steve Irwin's untimely death on monday, came the news on friday 8 September that Peter Brock had been killed in an accident in WA.

A man who was one of the shining lights of motorsport, who with Dick Johnson, took the touring car scene in Australia from part-time and amateur status to the beginnings of the professional series it is today, was gone in a tarmac rally crash which destroyed his vehicle and left his navigator in hospital with severe injuries. Luckily the co-driver, Mick Hone, is expected to recover.

You want any more proof of how much Peter Brock contributed to his own legend, look no further than the 1979 Bathurst 500 race. Leading by 6 laps for the win, then sets a lap record on the final lap in a Torana. Look no further. Whilst I dont remember seeing that one, I certainly watched a few Bathursts with the likes of Brock, Johnson, Richards, Grice, Moffat, & Perkins.

9 times Sandown winner. 9 time Bathurst winner. The King of The Mountain.

Thanks for the inspiration Peter.

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