Friday, March 31, 2006

Formula One: Friday

Well, well, well...

Finally got myself to a Formula One grand prix event. Given that it's only friday, the first day the F1's turn wheels in anger in the 4-day event, the opening days viewing was stupendous for a long-time fan, first-time live viewer.

I'll get some pictures up once I finish the weekend, digest what I've seen, gotten back to Sydney, and taken care of the inevitable credit card bill I rack up doing all this.

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Monday, March 27, 2006

The Cult of "Me"

It appears from a recent weekends observation that a lot of people are increasingly caught up in the cult of "me".

What is the cult of "me"? It is the "I" generation, the people who want it all, and the people who get it all. It is the feminism argument of the 60's and 70's all over again. You can have it all...the house, the car, the holidays, the sunday morning cafe lifestyle, the weeknight eatery outings, the designer apartment (nobody buys flats or units anymore, thank you New York), the corporate job with promotion potential, and so on.

Did I forget the family?

So, it appears, did the cult of "me".

What's it going to be like to grow up without knowing your grandparents because they were 75 when you were born?

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Beware iPod wearers

iPod wearers prepare to elevate more than your social status.

Prepare to elevate a foot into your arse.

Next time someone wearing an iPod fails to hear a car turning in or out of a driveway over a footpath, fails to hear a car coming as they walk across a road against a red man, fails to hear a bike coming, fails to look or listen when walking out a doorway, fails to move when asked cause they cant hear a damn thing, beware the foot.

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Monday, March 20, 2006

George goes South...

South Sydney football club members voted on sunday afternoon to accept a $3 million bid to let Russell Crowe and Peter Holmes a Court take over 75% of the management of the club.

And George Piggins promptly said that he was done with the club. "I'm finished, I'm at the stage of my life where I have other interests, I would rather look after them...I'll be watching on TV. You'll never see me at a football game again. The football club as it stands now doesn't represent what I represent so I'll move on." George, as great a club man as he was, cant bring himself to avert his eyes from what was a glorious past for the club. Keep looking that way George, and you may not need to look forward at all.

South Sydney represented a distinctly working class population since their inception. Redfern Oval still stands as a symbol to the faithful as a spiritual home. Souths management know they can never go back there full-time because clubs can no longer survive on sweat and cheers. Money, sponsors, managers and players are what keeps modern clubs in action. Here's hoping that Souths now have managers capable of generating income, to keep players and build a team that is recognisable from season to season.

Go the Bunnies!

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Thursday, March 16, 2006

The high-school sports carnival that is the Commonwealth Games

Well they're on again. Four years already since Manchester. For any of you non-British subjects who dont know what the Commonwealth Games are, picture a high-school sports carnival with more flags.

Not that I wish to deride the ability of some of the competitors, but a serious student could beat some of these people. Yes, it gives international experience to these tiniest of nations, but some of the national championships are a bigger test to the bigger nations. The Australians have sent a big team. We had to, its at our place. We've had a barbie and invited the guys nobody really talks to cause we dont get a chance to see them at the Olympics.

Maybe the world feels the same way about us when we send a winter olympics team. "Oh look, the Australians are here, Hans! Let us make friends with them!"

I might feel differently in ten days time when its nearly over and I've been proven wrong by the two competitors from Brunei.

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The northern beaches Pavlovian response to rain

Here's a thing...

Any normal day coming towards the city or business districts in the North Sydney area finds an inordinate amount of traffic on the two major roads, Spit Road and Warringah Road/Roseville Bridge.

However, when it rains, or even looks like rain, the sudden verdict of the majority is 'we shall drive to work today!'

This Pavlovian response and its consequences far outweighs and advantage gained by driving. Sadly, this is more a reflection on the state of the current public transport options from the beaches than the ability of the roads to funnel 50% more vehicles through the same space.

An aging bus fleet that is slowly being replaced may help, but the simple fact is there are too many people and not enough road to put the cars on. Granted, one bus may remove as many as 100 cars from the roads, but you'd need a lot more buses to get it to a point where those who need to drive could do so without fear of running an hour late. And until the shift begins, it matters not how many people catch buses, as there are always 200 cars with one occupant for every bus.

And I'd like to know who the fool at Sydney Buses was that approved the new fleet. Who, in their right mind, creates a bus fleet in a climate like Sydney with vehicles that have no openable windows?? Add to that the fact that the fleet relies on a mechanical system for cooling that seems to take no account of how many people are on the bus, and you've got a recipe for mass flocking away from public transport.

More cars, more Pavlovian response, more trouble.

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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

It begins

Simple as a few mouse clicks and a bit of information.

We all have something to say, its just that most of us dont deserve an audience, but that doesnt stop us from trying.

More to come...