Thursday, March 16, 2006

The high-school sports carnival that is the Commonwealth Games

Well they're on again. Four years already since Manchester. For any of you non-British subjects who dont know what the Commonwealth Games are, picture a high-school sports carnival with more flags.

Not that I wish to deride the ability of some of the competitors, but a serious student could beat some of these people. Yes, it gives international experience to these tiniest of nations, but some of the national championships are a bigger test to the bigger nations. The Australians have sent a big team. We had to, its at our place. We've had a barbie and invited the guys nobody really talks to cause we dont get a chance to see them at the Olympics.

Maybe the world feels the same way about us when we send a winter olympics team. "Oh look, the Australians are here, Hans! Let us make friends with them!"

I might feel differently in ten days time when its nearly over and I've been proven wrong by the two competitors from Brunei.

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