Monday, June 30, 2008

I had a good weekend

I did. Really.

I didnt know I was going to, but it turned out to be a good one.

Saturday morning we take Little Lady and The Boy to swimming lessons. I get in with LL, The Boy goes off with the swimming instructor and learns while the Good Lady Wife and Offshoot #3 watch on from the sidelines (does a pool have sidelines?) We got home and had a brief play on the jumping castle we borrowed from friends. Once that excitement wore off, it was about lunchtime, then the sandpit was open for business.

The sandpit work continued unabated while I did a couple of running repairs to a bike. Naturally, Little Lady got curious, and knocked it over, but not onto herself. So, a fresh little scratch on the brake lever (courtesy the ground) and a nodding head as I said "please dont touch" was all that resulted. By this time Offshoot #3 was not doing what her programming was telling her, and I bundled her into the stroller for a walk of epic proportions. For me, anyway. I havent walked so far for ages.

Surprising even myself. I had a destination and a task, and it was half an hour before I was there. That done, I thought we may as well walk further afield. By the time we pulled up to watch the rugby at the end of the street we'd been gone an hour and a half. Constantly walking, aside from 5 minutes at the bike shop. I guess its good conditioning for my overseas trip. #3 decided to wake up from being still for more than 0.3 of a second, so after 5 minutes of watching the rugby, we left. The other two didnt get up till after we got home, so #3 went for a feed while we performed the 5pm Ritual.

The 5pm Ritual consists of The Boy asking "Is it 5 o'clock yet? Can I watch a movie?" If so, yes. If not, he waits, begrudgingly.

Dinner, shower, bed for the Offshoots. Watched the Wallabies beat the French in the rugby that night. Saturday: gone.

Sunday was an early start for a bike ride, my first time out for a few weeks. Oddly enough we had the full complement of four riders for our run, which is a rarity in the cold weather, and since #3 came into the world. I stuck it out with the quicker two for much of the run, falling off towards the end in both directions. Aside from a mishap with a ground peg and four coffees by one of the others, a nice ride and a pleasant enough morning once the sun got serious about 7:30. Starting from the beach at 6:30am in winter is rather cool.

The Boy and I went to see Kung Fu Panda after that. Tai Lung scared him a little, but he got past that, and enjoyed the film. As did I. It was awesome to hear Jackie Chan's voice in it. We picked up a couple of things at the shopping centre and went home to find a quiet house. The Boy reluctantly had a sleep, while #3 decided to do a Saturday and not sleep. It worked yesterday, why shouldnt it work today? For a half hour it did, and we walked down to the supermarket to get milk and bread.

#3 started the vocals in the line at the checkout, and continued till we got home, thirty minutes later. I'm sure I got a few sympathetic looks as I passed people on the way home. A feed helped, as it generally does, and #3 drifted out till quite late that night.

Dinner out with the Offshoots, Good Lady plus 4 of the in-laws was nice, even if Little Miss Contrary did act up a bit.

Home, Offshoots in bed, Good Lady in bed with #3 out of it. Sunday: gone.

I had a good weekend.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

STUFF! (that looks like other stuff*): Part 4

With great delight I present Part 4 of...

STUFF!(that looks like other stuff)*

You know it's one of those mornings when your coffee growls at you.

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*A shamelessly stolen idea, thanks Ben.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Those wacky Japanese!

The Boy got a box of biscuits from his great-Aunt when she came back from holiday in Japan recently.
I just had to share.

If the front wasn't enough, the side spreads the love even further.

And I'm just not sure about what's going on with this character.

In honour of the box I call them Super Happy Pants Biscuits.

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Thursday, June 12, 2008