Monday, October 27, 2008

Sometimes I miss these

Sydney Buses.

Strangely enough, yeah. Public transport is OK sometimes. Gives you a chance to read those novels you want to get into, newspapers, magazines, advertising material, etc. And when you live on the bus route I do, they always start and finish looking like this. No worries about standing about swaying and lurching for an hour as you bump into other commuters.

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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Singapore, Day Thirty-One

Yeah, yeah...this is late. Very late. But what can you do?

Singapore, Day Thirty-One, stopping off on the way home. We had a lot of chop coming out of Heathrow, the worst I've flown in by far. When you drop what feels like 6 feet in an instant, you're grateful for seatbelts. 12+ hours later, we landed in Singapore at 1pm monday. I didn't sleep on the plane, more a light doze. Of course, being 6'2" and having a seat in your knees rarely helps. I'm just thankful it wasn't 20 hours straight through.

Got to the hotel and thought about sleeping early, but pushed on. Funnily enough I enjoyed the steam and the afternoon rain, and sparked up enough to get out and get some Indian at local food court (for want of a better term). I went down the next morning and got measured up to have a suit made, and found a cheaper internet place than the first time to send emails home. Up at 6am the day after for the run home to Sydney. Landed at 7pm or so, and got out quickly through customs and quarantine. I never had a delay getting through another airport out of all the ones we went in or out of (Singapore, Frankfurt, Munich, Cork, Dublin, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Heathrow), just Sydney. Makes you wonder about US airports.

Cab home to the Good Lady Wife, with the Offshoots already tucked up in bed. Presents the next morning, before The Boy and Little Lady went to daycare.

I'll fill in the rest of the trip soon. Honest.

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