Thursday, December 21, 2006

PETA - People for unEthical Treatment of Anyone else

It appears that PETA is at it again, with the call renewed call by 'pop star' spokesperson Pink for a ban on mulesing of sheep.

Pink? Couldn't they convince anyone else? I see Pamela Anderson is a PETA spokesperson, too.

I present a list of fact based articles regarding the practice of mulesing, the PETA campaign, and PETA as an organisation.

I suggest you give all those sites a good read and make up your own mind.

Mine is made up.

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The inexorable passing of Time

It's recently come to light that I've grown older. It's not just the fact that I've got two kids, two cars, and bills out the wazoo. It's more of the people around me, and what I suddenly realise they're doing.

For instance, the group of guys I went to school with. I know where all these guys work and their job roles, but not what it is they do, day to day. Two accountants (coincidentally both named David), a digital imaging salesman, one temporarily unemployed, a tennis coach, a communications salesman, a bit of a multi-skilled drifter, and a real estate manager.

One is a CPA that recently started his own business. Sure, I knew that, but it wasnt till I saw his website that I realise what sort of business mind this bloke has. It's not till you read background of what people have done for the last 15 years that you fathom certain things.

Most of these guys are in fields that I have no remote idea what is involved in the job. Sometimes you cant help but be impressed by people you know well when you find out how much business knowledge they possess in their relevant field.

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Thursday, December 14, 2006

The second pointless VB promotion

VB have done it again.

For this summer's cricket series they have issued not one, but TWO, ridiculous talking figurines, David "Boony" Boon and Ian "Beefy" Botham.

We can look forward to a season of incessant crap banter, humourless off-the-cuff comments, and complaints about the lack of VB.


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Monday, December 11, 2006

A statement from the V8 Supercars Stewards

Media Statement
11 December 2006

From: V8 Supercar Stewards
Re: Sunday Race 3, Round 13 incident

Following analysis of the television footage and incar telemetry from the incident involving Rick Kelly and Craig Lowndes from Sunday's race, the following has been decided:

Rick Kelly has been disqualified from Race 3, with the subsequent loss of points scored in Race 3 only
Craig Lowndes has been classed as finishing in 30th place and has had his point score amended by the addition of the requisite points
Rick Kelly will be stripped of the 2006 V8 Supercar Driver's Championship
The 2006 Driver's Championship will be provisionally awarded to Craig Lowndes

The incident has been deemed not to be a racing incident. The drive-through penalty administered during the race has not sufficiently addressed the result of the incident.

There is expected to be an appeal, but unless either team can produce new evidence, the result will stand.

V8 Supercar Stewards Committee
V8 Supercar Driving Standards Committee

Post Secret

Found this site in my travels this morning.

It is a fantastic bit of work, allowing people an anonymous outlet for 'dirty little secrets' or hidden shames that they can display proudly to the world.

Give it a run. I might even send the guy a postcard.

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Friday, December 01, 2006

The rich get richer, the poor get the shaft

It's amazing what bosses will say they deserve to pay themselves, while moving jobs overseas as cost-cutting measures.

The article shows that bank bosses are earning more in total capacity since last year, despite bulk outsourcing of workers. And they wonder why we dont like banks?

Next time I ring ANZ, I want to talk to Mr. John McFarlane himself. If he earns $3M+ a year, he should answer my questions, as well as everyone elses.

Before you bitch and moan about shareholders being able to oust boards and the like, think about how many shares are issued in the banks, and how many you would need to hold to have any sway at all.

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