Thursday, December 21, 2006

The inexorable passing of Time

It's recently come to light that I've grown older. It's not just the fact that I've got two kids, two cars, and bills out the wazoo. It's more of the people around me, and what I suddenly realise they're doing.

For instance, the group of guys I went to school with. I know where all these guys work and their job roles, but not what it is they do, day to day. Two accountants (coincidentally both named David), a digital imaging salesman, one temporarily unemployed, a tennis coach, a communications salesman, a bit of a multi-skilled drifter, and a real estate manager.

One is a CPA that recently started his own business. Sure, I knew that, but it wasnt till I saw his website that I realise what sort of business mind this bloke has. It's not till you read background of what people have done for the last 15 years that you fathom certain things.

Most of these guys are in fields that I have no remote idea what is involved in the job. Sometimes you cant help but be impressed by people you know well when you find out how much business knowledge they possess in their relevant field.

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