Friday, April 28, 2006

The great interest rate debate

Once more, this time on the back of the fuel price rise debacle of recent weeks, the spectre of interest rate rises arrives once more. And, as usual, there is the outcry from people who will be sent to the wall if rates rise a mere 0.25%.


Something, however, lets me feel very litte pity for these people. It's not that their predicament is out of the ordinary, quite the opposite.

But lets face it, if you, as responsible finance officer for your family, do not examine the worst case scenario for a loan of this magnitude, you have only yourself to blame. The banks and mortgage brokers will bend over backwards to give you the money, merely hinting at the cost per month to repay. And, naturally, its all based on current interest rates.

Most of these loans have a 30-year term. Three, zero, thirty. A lot can happen in two years, let alone thirty. 6.74% interest rate now, fine. You can bet your bottom line that it wont hang around for 30 years. If you dont ask your mortgage institution to calculate differing rate repayments, more fool you.

While a lot of cashed up people are getting out, sitting on their money, and waiting for the near future. When there'll possibly be a lot of places going rather cheap.

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Bane of the Computer Age

A recent PC spyware infection and subsequent refresh has bought to light the multitude of viruses and malware written today for advertising.

But it gave me time to think about a few things.

No, I dont need a bigger dick. If I want that I'll use photoshop.

No, I dont want to make her scream all night. If I want to do that I'll send her spam emails.

No, I dont want $100 free credit to play poker with. If I want that I want to be able to spend it someplace else, like ebay.

No, I dont want a free college degree. I've already got two, I dont need a fake one.

No, I dont want insider stock market tips. If I want that I'll get the Rivkin Report.

Damn it all.

I guess its a symptom that most of the sites that install these things are sites you probably shouldnt be visiting anyway.

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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Best Invention in Human History

Big subject.

Sure, there's the wheel. The combine harvester. The Hill's Hoist. And man didnt invent fire, he, or she, merely controlled it.

But I say the internal combusion engine is the best invention in human history.

Think about it. The wheel was an obvious decision once you've watched a log roll down a hill. But who sat down and said "I've got a great idea...I wonder, if we compress a mixture of fossil fuel and air, then ignite it...yeah, get my tools!"??

The combine harvester wouldnt be possible without the internal combustion engine. Neither would fire engines be there to put the fires out.

Sure the world might last another million years if we hadnt polluted it with the end result of burning fuels, but the advancements are such that harmful emissions from these are getting to a point where you could almost breathe exhaust gas for months without a problem. I'm not volunteering to try though.

The internal combustion engine comes in all shapes, sizes and uses. Work, rest, play, sport, entertainment, cars, bikes, boats, and planes. It's got them all covered.

Hooray for the internal combustion engine.

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Thursday, April 06, 2006

The US goes mad yet again

How do you get so fired up that you start firing a gun at a baby shower. Ask these people.

Read me.

A little over the top? You couldn't write gold like this stuff in a million years!

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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Myths of Childhood

Anyone who intends to have, or has, children needs to see this show. It is quite simply an informative and intriguing look at parenting and what it is to be a child in todays society.


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