Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Best Invention in Human History

Big subject.

Sure, there's the wheel. The combine harvester. The Hill's Hoist. And man didnt invent fire, he, or she, merely controlled it.

But I say the internal combusion engine is the best invention in human history.

Think about it. The wheel was an obvious decision once you've watched a log roll down a hill. But who sat down and said "I've got a great idea...I wonder, if we compress a mixture of fossil fuel and air, then ignite it...yeah, get my tools!"??

The combine harvester wouldnt be possible without the internal combustion engine. Neither would fire engines be there to put the fires out.

Sure the world might last another million years if we hadnt polluted it with the end result of burning fuels, but the advancements are such that harmful emissions from these are getting to a point where you could almost breathe exhaust gas for months without a problem. I'm not volunteering to try though.

The internal combustion engine comes in all shapes, sizes and uses. Work, rest, play, sport, entertainment, cars, bikes, boats, and planes. It's got them all covered.

Hooray for the internal combustion engine.

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