Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Ostentatious Charity

This guy is right on the money.

Say no more.

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A real King would have a brain. These guys are just morons.

It makes me wonder why people do what they do. And, even more perplexingly, why they video it and sell it.

Take these clowns for example.

A group of boys, in a DVD that they filmed, edited, and were selling in schools, is shown engaging in several practices that highlights their numerous skills in assault and property damage.

The call themselves the 'kings of Werribee'.

Let's sort something out right off the bat. These clowns are not 'kings'. They are not even princes. I hesitate to even call them insects, as I'm sure an insect has some semblance of a brain. Can we go any lower on the evolutionary scale? I dont think so.

It is right that the investigations into this matter are beginning to chase them down. Already several f the boys have been expelled or suspended from school. I wonder which "exlusive private school" they are from?

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Why should I suffer from your lack of foresight?

I read with dismay the article of this morning regarding predicted energy shortages.

Now, the question I have already posed is worth reiterating:
Why should I suffer from your lack of foresight?

I want to know why I may have to endure blackouts and energy shortfalls where I live, because a large scale property development that is entirely unsuited to its locality is consuming twenty times more power than my family, just to run the now-necessary air-conditioning systems?

I know, they're cheap to build, cheap to buy, and families love the big new house in the tree-less development. But I wouldnt want your energy bills come summer.

Until the principles of ESD (Environmentally Sustainable Development) along with alternate sources of energy are brought to bear on new estates, we will be forever playing catchup with our energy supply reqiurements.

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

What is he really saying?

This has got to be one of the best bits of re-subtitling I've ever seen.

I dont know which movie this is taken from, but it is very humourous, even if the lead character has a distinctly bad reputation.

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006


No, its not the electric clock/coffee pot that prepares hot coffee with second degree burns for your morning wake up call.

No, its not the electric wok that you cant toss vegetables in.

No, its not the mechanical bowler-hat tipper that grips to the wearers head with prongs.

No, its not even the motorcycle airbag jacket.

It's the Leaf Blower.

This is a device that deserves the capital letters in its name, due to it being the tangible incarnation of the pure evil that is disrespect for your fellow man's possessions.

Why is that people think nothing of firing up the leaf blower and making enough noise to wake a dead man then proceed to send the dirt, leaves and dead bugs flying through the air to land haphazardly on the neighbours lawn/path/washing/car/pets/children??

While the leaf blower stops short of being chindogu (the Japanese word coined for the art of the useless), it is certainly close.

Here's some links to demonstrate my thinking:
- a nice chindogu link for you
- a nice link to pictures of japanese inventions
- a list of somebody elses idea of useless inventions
- and some of these are not useless, merely unfit for widespread use (the personal rain catcher is my favourite)

Many of these, classed as 'useless', are in fact more beneficial than the leaf blower. Why? Because at least they take into consideration the people around them, unlike the anti-social leaf blower.

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Monday, October 16, 2006

What we have learned from...

...Michael Caine.

When someone is "...only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!", then that generally means you've gone too hard, too soon.

A valuable lesson in todays society.

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Monday, October 09, 2006

Bathurst run and won for Peter

Bathurst is done for another year. And perhaps no more fitting winner than Craig Lowndes, the kid Peter Brock mentored for a long period.

The removal from the equation of Mark Skaife and the first HRT car following a first lap incident with a slipping clutch and an unavoidable crash with Jack Perkins, this really only left Lowndes as the choice to give Brocky a spiritual #10.

Being a year that I didnt watch it start to finish, instead choosing to invite friends over to partake of food and drink and observe the race for minutes at a time, perhaps I missed a few incidents that people will talk about. Thats what highlights packages are for.

The death of Mark Porter in hospital following the race after a severe crash on friday afternoon lends gravity to a situation that is stated wherever motorsports are undertaken. Motorsport is dangerous. We've lost three people to motorsport in a short time, including the death of a Japanese drag racer in Victoria recently as well. The crash involving Paul Radisich could have so easily turned out far worse.

Maybe Bathurst is becoming anachronistic. Concrete walls abound with limited or no run off at the top of the mountain, and a series of crests and dips giving no chance for view ahead. Not an ideal in which to place several fast and heavy motor vehicles. It was fun in the 60's and 70's, when the vehicles were a little slower, although the lack of fences meant that anyone leaving the track wound up in a paddock or were halted by a tree. The 80's bought about several large scale incidents involving several cars, including a few shortened races owing to track blockages.

Naturally, every Australian motorsport fan understands what Bathurst means, which has been built up through history. Although maybe the torch is being passed, and the flame a little less bright for the Mountain. The men who bought about the shift in the ATCC to a professional series are going or gone. Jim Richards exit from teh race this year owing to a mistake are reminiscent of Larry Perkins exit of a few years ago. A case of 'getting too old for this sh*t'?

Big call time. Maybe its time to leave Bathurst behind. Consign it to folklore and legend. It's created a few, and its taken a few away.

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Thursday, October 05, 2006

I've left my body to science, but I'm afraid they've turned it down

Just going through a series of motions at the moment regarding an insurance company that shall remain nameless (and faceless would seem thats how they prefer it) regarding old injuries and policy coverage.

It seems that said company will not realise the futility and stupidity of their own actions in their stubborn refusal to remove a certain exclusion from a policy I hold.

I put to you the following precis:
Injury to certain joint, ten years ago, 100% recovery, results in exclusion to policy from condition arising from said joint.
Current physio for TOTALLY UNRELATED condition.
Request previous exclusion removal as condition no longer applicable.
Said company refuses on grounds that "you are undergoing treatment, regardless of area or joint affected, so we shall not remove exclusion."

Yes, yes, I see, it all makes sense now! You're recovered, but something else has happened, so we'll ignore that and concentrate on the healed injury instead! We're geniuses! Or are we genii?

No, you're an irrational, large, international corporation.

'nuff said.

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