Tuesday, October 17, 2006


No, its not the electric clock/coffee pot that prepares hot coffee with second degree burns for your morning wake up call.

No, its not the electric wok that you cant toss vegetables in.

No, its not the mechanical bowler-hat tipper that grips to the wearers head with prongs.

No, its not even the motorcycle airbag jacket.

It's the Leaf Blower.

This is a device that deserves the capital letters in its name, due to it being the tangible incarnation of the pure evil that is disrespect for your fellow man's possessions.

Why is that people think nothing of firing up the leaf blower and making enough noise to wake a dead man then proceed to send the dirt, leaves and dead bugs flying through the air to land haphazardly on the neighbours lawn/path/washing/car/pets/children??

While the leaf blower stops short of being chindogu (the Japanese word coined for the art of the useless), it is certainly close.

Here's some links to demonstrate my thinking:
- a nice chindogu link for you
- a nice link to pictures of japanese inventions
- a list of somebody elses idea of useless inventions
- and some of these are not useless, merely unfit for widespread use (the personal rain catcher is my favourite)

Many of these, classed as 'useless', are in fact more beneficial than the leaf blower. Why? Because at least they take into consideration the people around them, unlike the anti-social leaf blower.

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zzzpirate said...

:) I am a victim of the leaf blower! I am also the victim of cat owners who allow their pets to roam the streets at night - often being awoken by the hisses and squarks of thier cats either getting it on or fighting! ahhhhh....metroburb living!