Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A real King would have a brain. These guys are just morons.

It makes me wonder why people do what they do. And, even more perplexingly, why they video it and sell it.

Take these clowns for example.

A group of boys, in a DVD that they filmed, edited, and were selling in schools, is shown engaging in several practices that highlights their numerous skills in assault and property damage.

The call themselves the 'kings of Werribee'.

Let's sort something out right off the bat. These clowns are not 'kings'. They are not even princes. I hesitate to even call them insects, as I'm sure an insect has some semblance of a brain. Can we go any lower on the evolutionary scale? I dont think so.

It is right that the investigations into this matter are beginning to chase them down. Already several f the boys have been expelled or suspended from school. I wonder which "exlusive private school" they are from?

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Anonymous said...

Hey Man. "Exlusive" has a "c" in it. Somewhere. Which exlusive school did yoo go too?

The Great White Hype said...

Obviously I didnt with spelling like that.

Neither did you anonymous, with phrasing like 'yoo go too?' Perhaps 'you go to?' would be better suited.