Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The new colour name game!

Whilst perusing a catalogue that arrived in the mail the other day, I was struck by a particularly fanciful game that most purveyors of clothing, paint, fabrics, cars, etc, etc are playing at the moment.

Its the new colour name game!

For example:
Pumpkin Patch have childrens clothes in colours such as palm, popcorn, mud, monkey,polar, horizon, orange rock, and cucumber. Granted, you can guess what these may be closely related to. But what happened to green, white, brown, light brown, red, orange and light green? Is your choice of colour somehow adding to the credibility of an overpriced item?

And Holden, with their new Commodore range in Heron white, Redhot, Ignition, Phantom, Nickel and Impulse. All so someone can say "I dont own a blue car...its Impulse! Get it right pleb!" The fanciful colour name game strikes again! Its not "orange with a bit of gold mixed in to make it shine a little", it's Ignition.

I still think the best counter is from Ford. Colours the likes of Bionic, Breeze, Dejavu, Ego, Fantasy, Chromaflair, Lightning Strike, Menace, Neo, Octane, Seduce, Shockwave, Silhouette, Toxic, Vixen and Winter White. "Just look for me mate, I'll be the one driving up your street in the Shockwave Falcon". Blank pause on other end of phone. "The blue one?"

Yes mate, the blue one.

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