Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Keith Urban - self-righteous toss?

Keith Urban (country singer from Australia) is trying to force another Keith Urban (oil painter from America) to assign his domain name to him.

Apparently, people might get confused if they visit and and not Visit them both and see if you can pick the difference between the two men. One is an oil painter, the other one is a country singer.

Keith (I'm ashamed to say, Australian Keith) must think people are pretty stupid to confuse the two. Maybe the booze has gotten to Keith's brain.

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Anonymous said...

I don't see how you can go to the painter's website and not think he is misleading people. If he wasn't trying to mislead people, why did he remove the disclaimer he had on there at one point? Why did he replace it with links to the singers concert tickets and videos? Why was he corresponding with fans who thought this was the singers sight? And he makes it sound like this is a "hobby" and not his true profession. This is one time when the "little guy" is wrong.

The Great White Hype said...

OK anonymous, I will address your questions in turn:

Why did he ever need a disclaimer? The guys name happens to be "Keith Urban". What would he say? "I'm not THE Keith Urban, I'm ANOTHER Keith Urban"? That'd be interesting. Who is older? Does that give them more or less rights over a name?

The link you mention is gone now. Even if this was the case, Keith Urban (AUS) gets free links. Bonus for him.

Tricky. If fans think this is Keith Urban (AUS), I'd like to see what he told them.

So, its his true profession. The problem? If Keith Urban (AUS) didnt register every variation of his domain fast enough, tough sh*t. Live with it.

Plus I bet Keith Urban (USA) could beat up Keith Urban (AUS). I'd pay to see that.