Thursday, February 01, 2007

You're looking in the wrong direction

Recent reports of yet another rising sports star being involved in a drink-driving incident, and an unlicensed drink-driving incident at that, highlights what a moral and ethical vacuum elite sports has become.

Consider the case of Kurtly Beale. Promising young rugby footballer, by all reports a great talent. Breath tested and charged with drink-driving and being unlicensed. Great role model too, so far.

Then there's the response from NSW Waratahs Coach Ewen McKenzie. Equally perplexing.

And of course, you cant go past a blab like this without mentioning Australia's cricketers. And on it goes.

But what can we expect when people like Mark O'Meley make it known that an offer of payment for playing rugby league football for the next year is 'unacceptable'?

You want a solid role model? Dont pay someone $150,000 a year to run around and expect them to spend their spare time leisurely, then see what happens.

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