Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Sometimes you wonder about "science"

Yet another premature birth, with complications, as the result of IVF.


Heralded as a miracle, due to the baby surviving after a mere 21 weeks in the womb, I cant help but feel thats its quite the opposite.

Far be it for me to deny people their desires to be parents, articles and occurrences such as this serve to highlight the fact that we are dealing with a force of nature that is far too great for our own affairs.

I'm lucky. My wife and I have two great children through natural means. I know of women who have been through IVF. One has come out with two kids, both healthy. One has come out the other end with nothing but a reduced bank balance and a broken heart. Both of them started families later in life. Perhaps thats the problem. Provide means and reasons to have a family early, while the biology is working nicely, and avoid waiting till the biology begins to go on the fritz.

It reminds me of the line that "your generation cannot be considered a success until it spawns the next generation". Biology, plain and simple.

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