Monday, June 05, 2006

Some people are just too thick for words

Like this guy.

A 19-year old fan approaches and AFL footballer in an airport and taunts him, calling him (allegedly) a "d*ckhead". He then proceeds to be questioned as to what he had said, repeats the word, then has his nose punched by said footballer.

And now he considers legal action against the footballer? Me, I'd be sitting back thinking I was lucky that he didnt tear me limb from limb and ignoring the whole issue.

Just because this footballer is in the public eye doesnt mean you can berate him as you wish. If I walked up to a stranger and called him a d*ckhead, I'd probably expect a punch in the eye.

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Laclos said...

Australia... the gravity is the same down there as the rest of the world? Nice site. ;-)