Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Dive! Dive! Dive!

Ah, football...nothing like a slow-motion replay to show what some of these players can really do with a ball.

However, a tip for all players on a world stage such as the World Cup, with its constant replays:
Dont hold your face if you get an elbow in the ear. Even a three year old kid can tell you where it hurts if you ask them.
Dont hold your knee if you get kicked in the foot. Sure its all connected, but they're not that close together.
Dont hold your knee if you trip over the ball while someone challenges you. You lost it, you deal with it.
Dont flop like a fish if you feel a hand on your shoulder near the box. Chances are they're waiting for you to fall over to make their job easier.
Dont get up and act hard done by if you lose your balance in a tackle. A bad tradesman blames his tools, even if it is his own body.

Oh, and the classic from Brazilian actor/player Rivaldo from the last World Cup...dont go down holding your face and writhing about if a ball hits you in the shin. It makes you look like a bad loser. Or worse, a bad winner.

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