Monday, May 29, 2006

Williams please give Mark Webber a car that can last!

Following yet another frustrating retirement for Mark Webber while in a promising position in a Grand Prix, I offer the following:

Dear Frank Williams

I know you're a great Formula One 'stalwart' (if I may use such a term), but please, when will Mark Webber be given a car that is worthy of his potential?

Mark has proven, beyond doubt of many, that a successful car beneath him will lead him, inevitably, to a position atop the podium. Mark has led several laps of two GP's this past year. Firstly the Australian GP, where he retired whilst leading. Secondly, the Monaco GP, where he was leading before his first stop once Kimi and Fernando had pitted. Given a chance to do a few more laps on his then fuel load, may well have resurfaced from the stop in the lead. His third in Monaco last year shows he is capable of scoring points, even on the most difficult racetrack in the world.

I have been a Williams fan for some time, since the Nigel Mansell era. I've seen Coulthard, Hill, Senna, and Villeneuve all succeed in winning races and championships with your brilliant cars beneath them. And even before that, Nelson Piquet and Alan Jones took your cars to championships. Can we please add one more?


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