Friday, May 12, 2006

What is a police officers life worth?

Apparently, according to Chief Justice Jim Spigelman, if killed whilst doing their duty, as much as anyone else.

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I find this grossly unfair and offensive.

Police are the upholders of law in the community. To be killed whilst doing their job is a travesty that should not be taken lightly. Naturally, police acknowledge that they are targets for violence and hate, but none expect to be in the situation that David Carty and Glen McEnally were in.

David Carty: beaten to death outside a pub by a group of men, one of whom he'd reprimanded that day for offensive language.

Glen McEnally: shot whilst confronting a group of men in a stolen car.

Someone I know carried Glen McEnally's coffin.

Maybe His Honour is right, and compulsory sentencing is not the answer. How about this, Your Honour? Place offender in locked room with three of the officers work colleagues for thirty minutes. Fists, feet and fury may accomplish the rest.

You have nothing to fear from police if you are doing no wrong.

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