Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Rampant Stupidity Post #1

I’ve been noticing a lot of rampant stupidity in many forms of late. I thought I would highlight to you a few of these so that you may steer clear of such stupidity.

Not realising your tyres are so bald as to be dangerous is rampantly stupid. Vehicles older than two years are required to have passed inspections to be registered. What this means is that you can effectively go up to THREE YEARS without being forced to check your tyres. This is quite obviously stupid. Modern tyres are quite hard wearing, but sports tyres are not, and will often last 20,000km. That might be two year, so you get a third year driving around on bald rubber. Having an accident in such a state may void your insurance. Tyres should be inspected within two years regardless of the age of the car.

Nothing says ‘stupid’ like nice wheels, and rusty nuts. Except maybe nice big wheels that look totally out of place on a bog standard car.

Owning a boat, trailer or caravan and then realising you don’t have anywhere to park it but in a residential parking zone, is immensely stupid. Especially when it quite obviously hasn’t moved for some time. Should you decide to buy such an attachment, make sure you have someplace secure to leave it, without inconveniencing all your neighbours who also don’t have garages to put their cars in.

A shoe that is neither a shoe, nor a thong (flip-flop or sandal for you non-Australian types), the Croc is immensely stupid. What sort of life do you lead that you actually require rubber, anti-bacterial shoes as leisurewear? Don’t take enough showers? Can’t afford that pedicure once a month? Don’t like to feel the bare earth beneath your feet now and then?

Calling your business Layher. ‘nuff said.

But no post would be complete without my own dose of rampant stupidity. For instance, owning a 17 year old car and expecting it to run like a swiss watch is quite obviously rampantly stupid.

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