Friday, April 13, 2007

Best Australian Song ever written

Just been thinking about this, listening to a few of late.

There's a lot of songs out there that any self-respecting Australian, regardless of where they are in the world, knows and inevitably hums or sings along with. Loads of AC/DC, the ones we claim as our own like Crowded House, Midnight Oil, silverchair, and doubltess many thousands more.

I have two votes for Best Australian Song ever written.

The first is "Harpoon", by Jebediah. Covered by one other band of note to date, I find it a remarkable song for its musical simplicity, lyrical meaning and tone. Even if not everyone likes Kevin Mitchell's voice.

The second is somewhat of unique in Australian music, as it is perhaps viewed as a song that is somewhat over-rated, yet recognised by many as an Australian song no matter where it is played. It is "Throw your arms around me", by Hunters and Collectors.

Covered by nearly everyone, including Pearl Jam, Crowded House and the Doug Anthony All Stars, this is one of those songs that, done well, I never get sick of hearing. Sometimes I dont even mind that Eddie Vedder totally butchers the lyrics.

On another note, its my dad's birthday today.

Happy Birthday, Dad.

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Anonymous said...

"Khe sanh" is one to consider