Thursday, April 12, 2007

Cotton Wool Time

Kids are remarkably resilient. Actually, its sometimes quite frightening what can happen to them, and six months later you'd never know they were even sick.

And then people worry about the dreaded trips to the doctor for needles. And someone takes heed of the mass hysteria and comes up with this. Emla.

A quote from the site: "Research has shown that children think a needle is the most frightening and painful thing about visiting the doctor. It has been shown that a child is likely to retain a fear of needles if they have been traumatised at the doctor’s previously." Now how would that previous trauma have happened? Perhaps mum said that needles dont hurt. A little white lie that wont hurt junior. Or will it? Its often not the needle that hurts, its the dastardly gunk they squirt into your body thats more painful. Maybe its healthy to be afraid of needles, did someone think of that? Every time you get one its to stop something going wrong, because something is going wrong, or something has gone wrong.

I wonder if they make it in a big enough tube for me to numb the feeling of all this namby-pamby treatment surrounding me.

Also, should you be thinking of having a baby, are having a baby, have just had a baby, or just like reading about how other people are mollycoddling their youngsters, go here. I find their claim of "Australia's largest Family website and one of the largest womens sites in Australia" interesting. 100,000 members? Lets do some mathematics.

22,000,000 people in Australia
The average family has 2.3 children.
If families are 4.3 people, then there are 5, 116,279 families.
100,000 members (assuming a member is a family unit).
1.95% of Australian families are members.

If we break this down literally:
22,000,000 people.
100,000 members.
0.45% of Australians are members.

And they're the biggest site?

I wonder how many on the subscriber list for, or

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