Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Sydney's NYE Celebrations

The City of Sydney have announced that the theme for this year's New Year's Eve celebrations is Creation.

In a note to other groups, the City said:

Weightlifters - the theme is not Creatine. Don't break out the plastic spoons and milkshakes just yet
Christians - the theme is not Creationism. Do not expect Dinosaurs to magically appear from some unseen force only to vanish equally as fast, nor should you expect anyone to believe your story.
Darwinists - the theme is not opposed to you specifically. We're not all that stupid.
Literary persons - we are not having a live reading Gore Vidal's novel, Creation.
Iodine deficients - the theme is not Cretinism. Don't feel victimised.

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zzzpirate said...

bahahaha... clever!