Monday, May 19, 2008

Back in, back on, back around...

Hola Amigos

I know its been a while since I rapped at ya, but a lot has been going on. Some of it not enforced, rather of my own choosing, but some of it has been taking time simply because thats the way life goes.

We're waiting for Offshoot #3 to get her head into the world any day now. Yes, a girl. That'll be 1 + 2. Me and the Boy will be outnumbered for years to come. I think the Good Lady is keen to get it over with, too. In between sorting out arrangements, getting things ready, and trying to wrangle #1 and #2, there's not a whole lot of time left for much else. Still, it'll all be over in 18 years or so.

I missed a couple of rides in the last month, but got out early on a cold sunday morning yesterday expecting to meet up with the semi-regular group I ride with. I got the to usual start point to find nobody there, not even the car or ute that a couple of the guys drive down in. I figured I'd take the chance to cover some more ground than usual, so I rode an out and back of the route below. I had to break out the heavyweight jersey and the long knicks (with 3/4 leg warmers underneath). Very Fame!, except that you couldn't see them and they're not wool. I wasnt hot at all, which might tell you how cool it started.

It's got a few hills in the last 1/3 of the trip out, which were nice, given the cooler weather and lack of people. I think the cold kept a few away, as it wasnt till I was nearly back at the beach that I saw the normal amount of people and mid-sized groups heading out. By the time I got back to home, and looped the block a couple of times to make up the numbers, I'd cracked 50km in under 2 hours. The normal sunday is 36km + coffee, which makes up 2 hours or close to. The legs felt a little dead for half a day, but a good sleep and I actually feel I could do it again, perhaps a little slower.

Still no car, and not much chance to look. It's going to have to happen soon though, otherwise I'm going to be caught severely short in days to come I reckon.

Naturally I've been outraged at news items and inspired by reading other peoples blogs, but they're just not as important at the moment.

One blogger that is worth mentioning is the Fat Cyclist. Fatty's wife is going through cancer, and things is grim over Fatty's way. But he's putting a spin on it and opening up to his readers, who are opening hearts, wallets and minds to him and his family in return.

Best of luck Fatty and Susan. Your blog provides an insight into a family going through something I would never wish to go through, yet you do it with style, finesse and a refreshing take on the matter.

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