Thursday, April 24, 2008

Christians just cant help it, can they?

The christians are at it again. Like they ever stopped. Or ever will stop. Yet another event has caused me to bang on about the christian materials and the general public.

The scenario: there's a guy standing on a corner handing out books. He thrusts one towards me "Here, a novel we wrote". We? OK, why not. One thing about the bus is you need reading material. "All we ask is a silver coin to help with costs" he says. Sure, I had a 20c coin, I give it to him. "Thanks, have a good afternoon" he says. I put it in my back pocket and drop it on my desk at work. An hour later, one of my work colleagues comes up and flips it open. "Its a bit God" he says. What? What is? He points to the book.

I open it and flip through it. So it is. The christians have done it again. I'm sure people like Robert Ludlum, Michael Crichton, etc, etc, all have religious views, yet they can put them aside and just write a good story. Sure, its a case of one bad egg spoiling the box, but come on. Give the rest of us a break. Just because we dont go to church and clap and wave with the rest of you doesnt mean we want it forced onto us.

Upon flicking through and reading a few pages, this 'author' has basically re-written the Bible. The hero even rises from the dead after 3 days at the end.

If you're going to spread the message, at least get imaginitive.

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