Monday, April 21, 2008

Wheels, baby, wheels...

Hola amigos.

I know its been a while since I rapped at ya, but not much has been happening to tell the truth. Nothing of much note, just living as best I can manage with the Good Lady and the Offshoots and working a bit more than normal.

I've been sans car for four weeks now, and its going alright. I'm bussing it to work with the unwashed masses, which is taking about the same amount of time as driving. And iys easier once I get to the office as I can just leave the driver to park it for me instead of crawling around having to find a space for the day.

I test drove a Mitsubishi Mirage on saturday that I'd spotted, which turned out to be a bit underwhelming in all respects. A bit wishy-washy with throttle response, a faint smell of smoker inside, and a bit floaty steering wise. It sure wouldnt win any performance contests in its current guise. Maybe I've been spoiled with my last vehicle, which had more power and torque, and definitely more character.

So the search goes on. It better hurry, as the Good Lady is due with Offshoot #3 within a month, and without a car I'm just asking for trouble.

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