Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Offshoot #3

Saturday it happened. The Good Lady and I went to the hopsital early in the morning, after dealing with a rather upset Offshoot #1, not wanting his mum to go away. Offshoot #2 was fine, both having a brief blub after we left and they sat down to breakfast with Nanna.

The Doc induced #3 for fears of not getting to the hospital, and the fears were well founded. Once things got serious, it was barely two hours from contractions to arrival. Not enough time for me to get home from work (35 minutes on a good run, 1 hour on a bad run), get sorted, and get back to the hospital (which is 5 minutes from work).

Offshoot #3 arrived and pronounced well and good shortly after midday.

I went home about 4 hours later and told #1 and #2, and we all went back the morning after to see the newest clan member. The other kids were great, and we'll see if they keep it up once #3 comes home.

So we've all had a few days to get used to the idea of 3 kids, and prepare somewhat for the onslaught over the next few months juggling three balls of muscle and willpower.

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