Monday, November 23, 2009

"blah...offset costs...blah...blah..."

I was filling the tank this morning at the local servo, when I heard a noise.  Talking.  Close by.  Something I'd never heard before, but pretty much dismissed as there is a workshop just over the fence from the pump I was at.

Then I realised it was words I'd heard before.  An ad?  It was coming from nearby.  Very near by.

Then I glanced up, and I saw IT.  Look carefully.

A television.  Or at least a screen, displaying television.  Doubtless some tie in with Shell and Coles and Channel 7, who's morning news was on after the ads.

Seriously?  Shell suddenly find enough money to install these moronic devices on every pump?  And they reckon they're not taking everyone to town on pricing (and not just in the servo)?  I'm sure Shell/Coles will have a press release or statement ready to roll for complaints or queries, something like "advertising allows us to offset and absorb costs that would otherwise be passed on to the consumer".  Hmmmm.

I want a mobile phone to make calls.  I want a digital camera to take photos.  And I want a servo to be a servo.  A service station is not an opportunity to multi-task.  I pay you money for petrol.  And maybe an iced coffee now and then.  But expect people to pay an extra few cents per litre plus forty cents on every item so you can advertise, and you can be sure people will flock away.  Here's a discussion you won't hear:

She: "Darling, lets get fuel at the Shell, they have those nice little televisions"
He: "But Pookie, we've already blown the petrol budget in 3 months...once we get two skim latte's, a bag of soy chips and the sneaky Mars bar with it, it all adds up you know, and daycare isn't free..."
She: "Darling, they have those nice little televisions..." (cue patronising arm rub)

Turn a service station BACK into a servo.  On a side note, look for little televisions at supermarket checkouts and aisles real soon.

Mind you, these are probably great for people like the couple in front of myself and GLW who spent the first fifteen minutes of last nights Pearl Jam concert updating Facebook and Twitter from their iphones.

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