Monday, January 14, 2008


I had an interesting weekend.

On Saturday I attended a first aid course at a friends house with several other people, the first one I've ever done. As we all have young children, we dealt in the majority with potential situations that may arise with kids.

A most enlightening day, naturally. How to administer CPR, dealing with bleeding, broken bones, burns, bites and stings. All those typical kid-related injuries you might expect. Much of it had cross-over into adult treatment as well, the principles the same just scaled up or down to suit. The response acronym is a bit hard, but I guess we cant all have R.I.C.E. and H.A.R.M. to remember.

D.R.A.B.C.D. !!


I dont know that we'll be going out to buy a defibrillator in a hurry though. If we had someone in the house at risk of cardiac problems or with serious issues, then yes, they'd be a very important item to have.

On Sunday I did 40km on the bike, just getting home before it really got hot and humid. Spent the whole ride chatting and thinking about "if that guy there falls off and breaks his arm, I know what to do now..."

I've been home alone since Wednesday, so got all the washing out of the way before I attacked anything else. By that time, though, it was really too hot to do anything else outside, and washing the car could wait. I moved the chainring on my single speed bike. Its definitely quieter now, so the 5 minute exercise was worthwhile.

The Sunday afternoon storm rolled in thick and quick, but not as much rain as I'd thought. Still, it took the humidity out of the air a bit and cleaned a bit of grime from roads and cars. Lucky I didnt wash it during the heat, cause it would've just been marked by the rain anyway.

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