Friday, January 11, 2008

Back at base, bugs in the software...

I've been noticing recycled music coming up again as I flick across my radio dial, generally on the more R'n'B and pop contemporary music stations.

By recycled, I mean songs that were written and released between 10 and 20 years ago being re-recorded by new artists and handed off as new music. Sometimes they even put new words into the old music, but this is more than just sampling.

I guess this has happened before. The Beatles first release wasn't one of their songs. Many jazz and soul singers had 'standards'. If you didn't do 'Summertime', you weren't in the game. Big Bands did too, often performing the same songs as the next band, but having to back it up with flair and showmanship instead of relying on the passing of time to release a new song.

But these are not standards.

Trouble is, nowadays, anyone with a decent voice (not a great voice, there's a difference) can sing a song, have it digitally revised to be in pitch with the music, and release it to wide sales.

It will be interesting to see what music from today people decide some minimal-talent vocalist can recycle in 10 years time.

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