Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Why does anyone give Harold Scruby the time of day?

Harold Scruby is a VERY nearsighted man.

Andrew Fraser is not much better.

Both of these men are outraged in response to an auction by the NSW Roads Minister Eric Roozendaal of a drag-race joyride.

Sensationalism at its finest, and yet another opportunity for Harold to get his name in print, his voice on radio and probably his head on television. Any time a long bow can be drawn, you'll find Harold holding the other end.

Hey, Harold. I've got an idea for you. Pull your head in. The auction is for a drag-race joyride in a controlled environment.

Anyone who highlights the previous accident as a reason not to promote this type of thing is plainly missing the point. "Less than a week ago six people were killed in a drag racing charity event in the US after an Australian pro-driver skidded out of control during a burnout." Yes, on a public road, with pedestrians standing beside that road, and limited or no safety or guardrails to speak of. Quite the opposite of WSID. Safety abounds! Control galore!

You cannot even compare the two without having someone laugh at you.

What better opportunity to display the way young drivers should be testing and driving their cars than a safe, organised, sponsored off-street event? Tell us, Harold. Please.

I want to know. Don't point out a problem. Offer a solution and maybe we'll listen.

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