Monday, January 01, 2007

Well, that's it for another year

Christmas and New Year are over for another year. Only 358 days till Christmas depressing.

Not depressing in the sense that I'm a 'bah humbug' kinda guy when it comes to christmas. Two kids has renewed the christmas gift giving spirit a little, and with one birthday on christmas eve, it only adds to the season. What I cant help but notice is that a great many "retailers" didnt seem to pay even the remote lip-service to the catholicism of the event, as they've done in past years. This in turn caught a LOT of people up in the brouhaha of shopping and such.

Yes, I am a catholic. No, I didnt go to mass. I havent been for quite a few years. But that doesnt mean that quiet reflection cannot take place. You worship your way, I'll do it mine. But more on the church and state in future, I think.

I did my shopping on wednesday evening, right before christmas. Crowds were down on daytimes, and I got what I wanted. Well, I looked, liked the look of a few things, and bought them. Going in with a pre-determined idea of "this person is getting that gift" was not the thing to do I discovered, after about five seconds of shopping.

So, we all had some fun, big lunches all round, four birthday parties within a week of christmas, and two more next week, and time to get back to work tomorrow so I can relax a little.

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