Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Save it for when you've won something, monkey-boy

A disturbing trend of late, amongst the professional tennis playing fraternity. One that needs to stop.

The winner, once retiring to their chair, perhaps taking a drink, or putting their racket away, returns to mid-court and waves to the crowd. This is not the problem in itself. A fine display of thanks popularised by Andre Agassi, who is one of the genuine nice-guy players on the pro circuit.

But when people like Maria Sharapova, Rafael Nadal, Lleyton Hewitt, and David Nalbandian do it, it loses some of its belief. These people have shown themselves, off-court, to be nowhere near as personable as Andre.

Let's just take Lleyton Hewitt as an example. Wins a game, walks to mid court and gives the old high handclap around the audience. And I'm supposed to believe that this guy is thanking me for coming to watch him play? When he whines that the Australian Open organisers haven't done enough to assist him in winning? If you're good enough, you'll win. It's not that hard an equation. When he does an exclusive deal with a magazine for pictures of his daughter, and then spends the first year of her life covering her up and not going out in public in case some snapped a 'non-exclusive' picture? When he comes into a Grand Slam tournament with 6 months off and says people write him off?

OK, maybe this is turning into a Lleyton rant, well...back on track.

James Blake was deserving of his mid-court adulation for his Medicare International win last week.

Why should the worlds no.4 player, Andy Roddick, do it when he's struggled to beat some nuffy and barely scraped through?

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