Thursday, August 03, 2006

Williams let Webber go...

While it comes as a mild surprise, I think Frank Williams' decision not to re-sign Mark Webber for a formula 1 seat next season has a few undertones of preparation.

Williams are left with Nico Rosberg, a talented driver, but perhaps someone who would have not scored as many points if his car had experienced the same troubles as Webber. The new man in is Alex Wurz. A previous formula 1 driver with proven record of solid finishes, but nothing outstanding.

So where will this leave Webber? I hope, given that Fernando Alonso is off to join Kimi Raikkonnen at McLaren, that the spare seat that Flavio Briatore has at Renault may just have the name Mark Webber (AUS) stencilled on the car. Seeing as Juan Pablo Montoya did a runner to NASCAR and got booted early by McLaren, there's our possible opening.

The announcements of next seasons lineups as they firm in over the next few weeks will tell. Fingers crossed.

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