Thursday, August 24, 2006

The RTA and the Lawyer (not a joke)

I find this a most interesting subject.

A lawyer has been fighting a case for a client regarding the validity of a speed camera photograph.

The Judge found that "to be given weight as evidence the digital cameras that took the photos had to be calibrated every day, Mr Miralis said. The solicitor added that he believed the authority calibrated its cameras once a year".

If Mr Miralis is to be believed as a lawyer, should he not do his bar exam every week? Should the Judge not submit to questioning daily on points of law? Should nurses be quizzed on proper procedure daily? Should police undergo weapons instruction each and every afternoon?

The fact that a digital device, such as a speed camera, should be calibrated daily is abusrd and improper. If these people can trust technology to navigate their cars, provide them information, serve them beverages, entertain them and protect them, why is it being questioned when technology catches them breaking the law?

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