Monday, September 01, 2008

Singapore, Day One to Sinkers without trouble. On time leaving Sydney, bit bumpy the first half hour, so much so they suspended the meal service! The flight smoothed out quickly though. The back seats were quite good actually, and walking room was OK. Watched Indiana Jones and Kung Fu Panda, read half of the book I'd bought, and stared out the windows a bit.

We landed in a misty Singapore at 5:45PM local time. By 7:20pm we were at the hotel, and went looking for a feed. Found a cheap and cheery place up the road and got spruiked inside by an amiable lady.

Came downstairs to find internet, found it (obviously), and sent messages via email to home and The Brother Man. His bag turned up!

Going to try Sentosa tomorrow, and keep an eye out for gifts we'll get on the way back through. Maybe try the big wheel they've got. It's 10:20pm here, so 20 past midnight Sydney time...

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