Monday, May 07, 2007

"Can't buy me class, class..."

A couple of recent weekend trips to various public places has prompted this one.

You. Yes, you. The one in the DKNY sunglasses, or are they Gucci? In the fashionable military style cap, the shirt and jeans that have come straight off last months fashion show catwalk or designer shop on Oxford Street (insert relevant Melbourne street if you desire). Yes, I am looking at you.

Stylish? Without a doubt. Classy? Until you open your mouth and talk like a proverbial toilet. Classic nouveau riche.

Money can buy you style, but it can't buy you class.

In some cases they are quite divorced facts. But you, the one in the Ralph Lauren shirt, Boss jeans and leather loafers. The one having a hushed, laughing conversation with friends. You got it in spades, my son.

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