Monday, July 17, 2006

The lessening importance of birthdays

Another one come and gone...33 under the belt and somehow it doesnt really matter as much. There's the milestone birthdays, 18, 21, and the new one of 30 instead of 40.

Is this a statement of society that we celebrate 30 now? Have you made your first million yet? Have you gone into hock for your 2 bedroom designer unit yet? Do you even have a partner? Are we celebrating 30 because by the time 40 rolls around your first or second child is 9 months or so old and you're in no position to party with your friends? Maybe you just dont want to face up to the fact that you're 40 and realise that you've got to work till you're 75 in order to finance your retirement?

Whatever it is, I really dont mind birthdys passing. The more I have, the more my kids get. And the more I get with them.

Philosophical enough for you?

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